About Us

We're not your average digital product studio. We're a group of founders and top tech talent that are passionate about helping entrepreneurs make their vision a reality.

While working on our last startup, we noticed a few issues in the software consulting space:

  • Poor Market Fit: Technical specifications take precedence over building around the end user and their pain points, resulting in products that never gain traction.
  • Long Turnarounds: Bloated teams and unnecessary red tape prolongs development and delays product launch.
  • Cost Over Quality: Clients resort to offshoring development or hiring junior talent to cut costs, leading to missed deadlines and products that feel taped together.

In response, we founded Hilo Labs.

We built our operational approach around addressing these issues effectively:

  • Market Centric: We don’t blindly code a feature list. We immerse ourselves in your vision, target market, and the problem you’re solving. We approach your product as founders and build products that are market-ready.
  • Speed: Our team works with a startup mentality, discarding the red tape to maximize efficiency without taking shortcuts. We understand the importance of time-to-market.
  • Top Canadian Talent: We only employ top Canadian talent. Everyone on our team is exceptional and understands what goes into making successful products.

Our mission is to give startups the power to launch and scale quickly through the creation of exceptional digital products. We’re here to do whatever it takes to help make your business successful.

Our Team

Our team is an all-Canadian group of senior talent with a passion for startups. Every one of us knows tech, but we also get the business side of things. Members of our team have founded multiple startups, raised millions in funding, and helped build businesses from 10 to hundreds of employees.

To give you more context on our team, meet Matt – the founder of Hilo Labs.

Matt has built companies from $0 to 7 figures in less than 12 months, worked with the CEOs of the biggest financial and insurance companies in the world, and led the development of digital products that transact billions of dollars each year.

Before Hilo Labs, Matt founded a healthcare startup, did AI research at Queen’s University and held engineering roles at Tesla and IBM.

How We Work

We work with businesses that range from idea-stage startups to established enterprises. Our small, fast moving team allows us to create flexible engagements catered to the needs of each client. In the past we’ve had success with the following models:

  • Zero to One: We work with you to turn your idea into functional requirements. After that, we’re off to the races to design, build, and ship. Our partnership doesn’t stop when you launch – we’re always here to help you iterate and offer technical support.
  • Hourly Engagement: We meet you wherever you’re at in your development life cycle – whether that’s accelerating development on an existing product, fleshing out requirements for a new product, or helping ideate on how to use tech to improve your business.

With Hilo Labs, you’re not just getting a software consulting company; you’re gaining a partner committed to making your business a success.