Product Plan

Validate your idea and ensure you'll gain market traction before writing a line of code.

The Outcome
Minimize Risk Validate Assumptions Ensure Product Market Fit Build Tactically

As former startup founders, we know the pain of pouring money into development without knowing if your product will ever be successful. We created the Product Plan so you don’t have to.

The Product Plan is a structured 7 day sprint to set your business up for success. We’ll work with you to refine your idea, validate it with user feedback, and define your MVP scope.

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Reduce Risk

Validate your idea before you invest time and money in development.

Build Tactically

Save time and money by focusing on the features your users want most.

Test the Waters

Get a feel for working with us before jumping head first into development.

The Roadmap


Project Alignment

Tell us more about the problem you’re solving. Help us understand your vision and product goals, so we can help you get there.


Research Intensive

We do our research into your industry and work with you to produce an informed core value proposition, ideal customer profile, and market hypothesis.


Market Validation

We run micro-ads to quantifiably inform your market positioning and validate your product solves a genuine problem for your target audience.


Positioning Intensive

Bringing the results from the ad tests, we meet with you to craft a branding guide that outlines your ideal customer, their pain points, and validates a channel to reach them.


Strategy Review

We’ll develop a clear plan for development of an MVP or POC, built to validate your core assumptions and provide maximum value to your target market with minimum development required.

What Our Partners Are Saying…

“Hilo Labs has continued to provide excellent advice as it relates to our Tech Stack and help us stay at the cutting edge of our industry from a technology standpoint. They have a unique entrepreneurial mind that creates value that is hard to assess as an SME business.” Dave M. / CEO at Staffing Agency